DOKO is the leading company in Albania for construction – erection of Electrical High Voltage Lines.


For more than 21 years we have implemented successfully more than 80 project regarding Electrical field, from high voltage lines of 400 kv-35 kv, electrical substation , Scada system etc.

Our commitment in every project has been the key of trust that we wield now from every investor with who we had collaboration since our references guarantee every thing we say we are able to do.

With a very qualified staff and well organized system, we can solve every problem , even the most difficult ones thanks to the experience we’ve gained during this years.

Our objective is to make DOKO part of European and Global Market in this Globalization Period , since we are able to guarantee the standard requested from European countries

DOKO Catalog


High Voltage Lines

Leading company in the construction and the installation of high voltage lines (400, 220, 110 kv, 35 kv) staff to complete and with more experience in Albania and region.

Electrical Substations

With the implemention of numerous projects for electrical substations, SCADA system, Doko can accomplish any requirement of the investor.

Metallic Construction

With new investments in the field of manufacturing of metal structures today we have all possibilities to reach 6000 tons per year.

Building Construction

The high standards used in the construction of our living building comply with European standards.

Why us?

Project design

Thanks to qualified workers and well trained to use contemporary softwares design unabling quality design of all buildings construction required by investors.


Through all topography measuring instruments and topography workers that are able to make accurate topographic studies for each project.

Geological studies

For each project it is very important to undertake a geological study based on which it is made an accurate forecast for the working procedures.

Civil work

Thanks to our investment in machinery and equipment we are able to fulfill all the civil works required for each project.

Supply / Installation

The long experience in the market has enabled us to effectively realize 100% of every project that we undertake.

On-time delivery

Accuracy is the key to success for Doko. Proper organization makes it possible to fulfill and respect the deadlines for delivering each project.


Tests are again an experience of lifetime obtained thanks to the energy market, and today we are able to do testing of any project that implement them to ensure the quality required.

Tower production

Production of towers is the key sector of construction industry where Doko produces 6000 ton per year.

Metallic construction

The only company in Albania producing metallic pillars pipes etc with the support of modern machineries and qualified staff that guarantees competitive high quality and European standards.