One of the most important aspects of which we are proud, is the fact that we own the respect and the reliability of our partners and clients, because of realization successfully of our projects in 100 % according to the conditions , offering guaranteed the quality and high standard of works.


    DOKO principle , is to offer the highest standard in every work we take care as in terms of project, as in term of production ,in which diversity we always provide the best to approach the necessities of our clients and partners in every time.


    DOKO is always searching the new products to put in market, new ways of production and manufacturing  to ensure qualities according to European standard. Some of our innovations are:

    Use of Drone to connect towers with cable, application for first time in Albania of floor heating in houses, offices etc. , production of electrical towers, metallic construction  with high technology being leaders in Albania.


    Our Employers are qualified and very professionals according to their field providing quality and high standard. Their training is continuous to help them maintain the rhythm of new ways of working, developing their professionalism. DOKO in every project, except  the professionals, gives the possibility to train even new employers, since the Energy market here, has need of employers. We guarantee them the approach of professionals to make them learn and to select the best of them to be employers of DOKO MOTIVATION in terms of liberalization is our policy.


    DOKO is responsible to provide safety to the Employers, providing them all the necessary rules of safety in working process, also all the equipment needed in process to make it totally safe. Respecting the Technical Data for Salute, Safe, Environment, we try to offer the safer conditions for our employers, and every one who leaves near the place of work and or that we give high support with SAFE SUPPORT from our teams, who guarantee the implementation of Safe Methods during Work.