Doko sh.p.k was established in 1994 as a family-run business operating in Overhead Transmission lines construction industry. At the beginning Albania was the only country where the company was present. Gradually it started to expand its activity in Balkan Region. It has awarded contracts in Montenegro and Macedonia. Nowadays, with more than 25 years of experience, our company is in the market as a leading EPC Contractor for Overhead Transmission Lines and Electrical Substations in the region. DOKO is also present in Romania and Morocco working on Overhead and Underground Transmission lines projects with considerable complexity. Recently, the company has expanded its activity by adding a Steel Manufacturing Plant, the first one of this type in Albania that produces Steel Lattice Towers. We produce all types of steel products by using high technology and modern practices in order to guarantee high quality end-products and competitive prices to our clients.


To become a leading international partner providing high- quality services, strengthening our position in international markets and becoming part of the new ones based on our knowledge, experience, innovation, tradition and reliability.



Integrity in our company is an essential ingredient for sustainable, long-term, business growth and success. Being a trusted partner is attributed to transparency and honesty of our staff. We always tend to act responsibly as individuals and as a company and make sure to meet every commitment. Acting with integrity has helped us build our reputation.


We believe that putting the right standards lead to success. We always provide the best to approach the necessities of our partners by implementing high standards in all our projects.

  • The Quality- UNI EN ISO 9001-2008
  • Respect the Environment -UNI EN ISO 14001-2004
  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment -UNI EN ISO 18001-2007


Innovation is essential to succeed and to keep up with the market’s pace of change. DOKO is always seeking for new approaches and solutions that lead us towards our target. We have implemented new processes, ideas, services and products with the goal of boosting the bottom line year after year. Being an innovative company in concepts and processes has helped us to become more successful.


Our highly trained professionals and qualified teams can meet any challenge related to design, production and construction methods in terms of our business activities. Our company can rely on these teams and be sure they will accomplish their work properly, based on the standards we have and our partners require.


We always focus on personal safety:

Conditions of the utmost safety must be guaranteed during the construction stages where the work can become dangerous due to energized elements or due to the complexity of the construction activities. An accident prevention and work safety program with specific “Operating instructions” has always been developed in each work execution phase. Our staff practices and applies Health & Safety plans and strategy in all projects carefully, that complies with UNI EN ISO 18001-2007.


DOKO respects social responsibility by protecting the interests of the society.   Our objective is not merely to maximize profits but to serve and protect the interests of other members of a society such as workers and the community where we work on site. We tend to adopt policies that promote the well-being of society and environment while lessening negative impacts on them.