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We are the largest steel lattice producer in the Albania providing Optimized Transmission Structure Solutions through world-class in-house design, detailing, prototyping, testing manufacturing and supply capabilities.


We are the industry’s most complete in-house resource for transmission structures and related services. With key resources situated at strategic locations in the Albania, we are ready to provide the transmission structure products and services you require.

By always investing in new equipment and materials needed for this kind of work we can complete 10 groups of 20 employees with every equipment needed and now we are able to work in every project regarding to High Voltage Lines.


Our state of transmission structure manufacturing plants are located in Elbasan, Albania. These facilities encompass approximately 10,000 square meter and are capable of producing in excess of 5,000 tons annually. We perform all engineering design and detailing of lattice towers, steel poles and foundations in-house.
Our plants manufacture transmission towers, telecom towers and substation structures. They are certified to deliver world-class quality: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Additional sales, engineering design and customer service operations are located at corporate headquarters in Elbasan and Tirana.


We have a vey qualified staff which is always growing even in experience although in number since we always give opportunity to new people who like to be envolved in our projects and who like to learn providing them every support needed to process faster. We are working hard in way to gain the same reputation we have in Albania even in region and in long term view even in Europe since we are sure that with our capacity, capability and experience we can provide best price for the same standards requested.